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Betfair Nuffy Question


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Do you know much about betfair?

I assume you can place a bet at the price showing and hope you get matched for your wager or put in a price you want and hope you get matched. i.e. best price i could find was $1.53 for Kokopu at Bet365, so i could put in a bet for $20 at say $1.65 and hope it gets matched, otherwise i miss out

Currently showing $1.33 ($226) does this mean there is a possibility of getting matched for $226 @ $1.33?

Is there anyway of seeing people wanting to lay at >$1.33? (i know you can on the ASX see who's put your in share bids at what price and what volume...)

Hope this makes sense?


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Hi Stix,

Only just saw this post. You may have already answered your own question but I think I know what you're getting at.

If you click on the graph next to the team/horse you want to back, you should be able to see what's been matched and what's waiting to be matched.